Imagine it...

My intent all day has been to fit in some blog time tonight, but this isn't the post I was writing in my head all afternoon. Instead, life came along and bumped (okay, pushed... hard!) me in another direction. So, forgive me if I tend to flit around, I'm still trying to sort out my thoughts...

There's something I've managed to figure out over the last couple of years. It could change the world. Truly. Here it is: What if every single human being on this planet were to wake up tomorrow and realize that what works for them, in their very individual life, probably won't work for their neighbor. Or their sister. Or a stranger halfway across the world. If we could all suspend judgements on each other and the choices that each makes, the world would know peace. Imagine that...

Ponder it for a minute ~ We all want the freedom to make our own choices and decisions, but rarely allow that for another (unless, of course, it matches with our desires). Or if we do  graciously "allow" it, it comes with sticky opinions and ugly judgements.

I'll be the first to admit, I stick out like a sore thumb. It's okay, I embrace the uniqeness that makes me me, but it means I'm often judged and opinions are levied. I will admit, it gets tiresome. Here's are some things I've learned about myself along the way ~
  • Going vegan was one of the most peaceful, and right decisions I have ever made for me. Is it for everyone? Nope.
  • Homeschooling my girls is what I'm supposed to be doing. Is it for everyone? Again, no.
  • I could never imagine leaving my children, so becoming a stay at home mom was the very clear choice I made for us all. Is it for everyone? Uh-uh.
  • I choose and cherish solitude, I'm very much a happy loner. I can stay home for weeks at a time and not miss the world a bit. Is it for everyone? No.
  • I thrive when I'm surrounded by clean, simple order. My cozy home is the place I most love to be. Is this for everyone... okay, I'm sure you get the picture! :)
I don't label any of these life choices inherently "right" or "wrong" anymore. I only know what works for me. I don't force my opinions on others, I don't preach or try to convert. Sadly, some days it seems like a distant and wonderful dream to be afforded that same respect. Was it always this way? Haha ~ NO! Remember, I had it all figured out. I single-handedly decided what the entire world should do. Choices were most definitely black and white. If I came across a gray area, well, let's just skip that, maybe revisit it at a later date... but probably not. Thankfully, spirit intervened and gave me the wake-up call that I needed (Words of Hope). It has been through sheer determination that I have changed this life long habit of judging, and I realize it isn't an easy thing. However, great change is possible, and with joy I can finally say "Live and let live", and truly, truly mean it.

I challenge you to try it. Just one day. Judgement free. Just because it isn't a choice that you would make, remind yourself that it isn't a choice that you would make. Allow others the joy and freedom to choose what makes them happy, even if you don't understand it. You'll be amazed at how free you feel, untangling yourself from all of the accumlated opinions you've spent a lifetime collecting. I'm not saying it won't be hard, but I am saying it will be worth it. 

Many blessings~