My Morning.... in Photos

 This giant mess is what greeted me first thing this morning. Last night it was either clean up my office, or blog/watch an episode of Lost with my girls and Scott. Office lost... ;)

Ahhh, much better. Although any day now it might be nice to actually get those magnets on my car. I kinda like them there though, they spruce up the desk!

 It is always a happy, happy day for me when I make a sale. Imagine my joy when I had two to send out! One personalized clipboard, and my first DIY Lemongrass Cleaner Recipe Set. The green revolution has begun! :)

 Final preparations for Riley's party. Here is one of the goodie bags. (More about Riley's party later!)

 Willie was due for his bath. I had a dog grooming business years ago and kept the tub in place. It comes in handy for so many 'dirty' jobs! It's in Tay's room, so we hide it behind a pretty curtain!
 You would think that a for a dog who's had regular baths his entire lifetime, they would be ho hum after nine years. Not so. As soon as I get the tub leash out his head droops, feet drag, and he becomes the most pitiful sight ever. Dread flashes across his face, and look at those pathetic eyes!

Double batch of sourdough cinnamon raisin bagels rising for dinner. They're so tasty fresh from the oven. Also made a double batch of sugar free, gluten free, vegan, organic blueberry muffins for the party! ;) You wouldn't guess it, but they are delicious, the girls and I will devour them all!!

My to do list when I woke up this morning was a mile long. But, I just plodded along, relentlessly, focusing only on the job at hand, and patiently made my way through them all. I even managed to get in a walk with my Mom before lunch. :) The afternoon was a whirlwind of activity, but I'll get to that another time. Right now my bed beckons me... and yes, I realize it's only 8:00. Have a lovely night all! :)

Peace ~ Melinda