The Story of a Big, Tough Dog... and His Socks

I love order. Simple, crisp order. I wasn't always this way, I just kind of evolved over the years. During the day, I've accepted that the house can't stay the way I would like... clean. The girls are home with me 24/7. That means, of course, messes, discarded clothing, chick paraphernalia, crafts/projects in various stages of completion, dolls, shoes, books... the list could go on and on. Instead of making myself crazy, somewhere along the way I decided that the house may fall apart while the sun is shining, but in order to keep me happy, I need to go to bed with it clean. Every night someone is in charge of vacuuming (Jordan just made her way through the room), someone else has kitchen duty (Scott's finishing up as I type) and everyone is responsible for picking up whatever mess is of their creation.
 There is one day a week that I have my way. The house gets cleaned from top to bottom and I savor it. That day, I tolerate very little mess. I just love to be here, in a house that radiates clean. Sparkling clean. Eat off the floor clean. I made a comment on a post several weeks ago, I think it was about making lists to get things done... something like that. I commented and someone else did the same after me. Their response went something like " I used to be like Simply Smitten, but then I realized that no one's looking". I had a good chuckle. When I thought about it I guess this would be why many people clean, because it's what a good wife/mother/person is supposed to do. It's definitely motivation if you're afraid someone is looking/judging each time they step into your home. Surprised that once again, I am the exception to the rule? ;) To me, Mother is not synonymous with maid. Clean up after yourself is my motto, I have much better things to do with my time! :)
So, to be clear, I clean for me. I've come to realize that the condition of my surroundings is a direct reflection of my state of mind. When I'm feeling out of balance, things tend to get dirty, stay that way, and the difference is ~ I don't care. However, when I'm on track, I love uncluttered, bright space around me. I find ideas flow easier, and things get done much quicker without clutter to maneuver through and around.
If there is a word that means the opposite of hoarder, then I'm it. I don't hang onto anything for the sake of holding on. I don't worry that someday it might come in handy. If I haven't used it in a certain amount of time, or if I come across it and didn't even realize it was there, it's history.  It isn't hard, in fact, a good hauling out always lifts my spirits! It's definitely a freeing thing, I recommend it to anyone feeling overwhelmed with 'stuff''. If you live near me, I'd even volunteer my assistance... ;) So, the point of this post? I simply wanted to share with you a video Jordan made of Willie. A while back I mentioned that I hate muddy dog prints all over the floor (messy, messy messy), and so I've found a solution for that particular dilemma. Dog socks. Really, they sell them, in all sizes! Well, Willie knows the routine, as soon as he sees the socks, he does his thing. We think it's kind of funny... (he does the same things when the nail clippers come out!)
Ouch, that slap sounded loud! ;) Anyhoo, that's my laugh of the evening. Hope it made you chuckle too. I've got him trained well,  it's only taken 9 years or so!

All of the spring photos above were taken by the girls. Most are from my front gardens, I love perennials and their bright splashes of color. The scents as you walk by are to die for. Someone always has their nose buried in a fragrant blooming treasure.

Have a truly wonderful evening blogger friends.

Peace ~ Melinda