This & That

Greetings wonderful bloggers ~ you've still got time to be entered in my giveaway (or entered again!), it seems I'm hanging out at 99 sales for a bit. :)

Today's post will be snippets of this and that. I decided yesterday that the clipboards would be put away and the sewing machine sit silent while I got caught up on other things. I needed to give some love and energy to my Inspiration Earth products, so yesterday I created a new air freshener scent ~ Lavender Mist. It smells delightfully of ylang ylang, such a sensual, gorgeous scent, which balances out the lavender nicely. Listed it this morning, pictures did not go well. Took me three sessions to finally get something I could work with! ;)
The label is actually white, but I gave up and decided to try it again another day!

I've got some new chickadoodle pics to share per request of Suz over at The Knife Wife. She's also raising some baby chicks now, you should go take a peek!
The last two days have been lovely, warm temps and a gorgeous sunshine. Jordan and Riley took the whole flock out for some fresh air. They love being in their natural habitat, scratching in the dirt, practicing little, leaping bursts of flight, fighting over bugs.

They still tire easily, and take frequent naps!

Their little feet are starting to fill in nicely, look at all that fluff!

I guess Tay took a break from blogging to hang out with the little guys (and hopefully gals!)

They're so accustomed to being handled, they fall asleep anywhere, anytime. Jordan's hand looks like a good spot for a catnap. Oooohhh, did someone say cat?? ;)

Too cute. Really.

Bring on the feathers! See that little chick in the back with the oversized head? It's a silkie, it'll have one of those heads overflowing with feathers, you won't even be able to see its little eyes before long!

Probably enough chick talk since I think Jordan is blogging about them today too! Don't need to send you in chick overload! I'd love to show you my gorgeous gift that I won in a giveaway, a sand dollar brooch. It was created by Cenya over at the Emerald Window. I received it yesterday, and haven't taken it off since! She included a lovely little note, such a fun package to receive. Thanks so very much Cenya! :)

I haven't eaten many garden salads all winter, my body has been craving warm foods, like squash. However, the other day on Knitful Dezigns she was blogging about her salad topped with mushrooms and onions. I had to try it.

 We each enjoyed a salad with our lunch today and it was delish! I threw in some basil and parsley with the mushrooms and onions, topped it with some sunflower seeds roasted in coconut oil, garlic and a dash of sea salt, yummmmy. Salads are back I guess.

And that'll do it for today. Riley was supposed to go to her very first homeschool "Teen Group" tonight, but much to her dismay it was canceled. She perked right up when I told her we could watch two episodes of Lost... ;)

Have a great night.

Peace ~ Melinda