And The Winner Is...

Yippeee, I have just chosen a winner.... but before I get to that I'll torture you for a bit, I'm rotten like that. ;)

I realized something when I sat down to meditate this morning (surprise, right?). There is always a settling in period when I first begin to meditate. Millions of little random thoughts run through my mind, it's like they're all panicking. They seem to realize that if I have my way, they will be silenced, even if it's ever so briefly, and they just have to get in the last word. As I relax I feel many lose steam and make their way blissfully into silence, albiet grudgingly ~ kicking, stomping and pouting all the way. Really, ego is such a baby. That's when I realize what the last stubborn thoughts are of... can you guess? What chores I have to do? What work I will accomplish in my shop today? What errands need to be done? No, none of those. What doll outfit I'll create next? Well... maybe. ;) No, lately the last thoughts rattling around in my head? "Hmmm, what will my next blog post be"? Seriously, that's what's keeping me from reaching bliss.
I began blogging in 2009, but wasn't able at that point to keep it up. It was fun, but just not the right time. The kids were younger, the energy wasn't available. Then recently, in my readings on how to make my shop boom to life, I kept reading about blogging, backlinks and all that fun stuff. I thought about it for weeks, I mean, how on earth was I going to find the time to fit that in? But, it kept coming back. I love to write. I have so much to say (sorry) and... one day I decided to go for it. Of course, it took me two days just to get it set up, and then I jumped in. I meandered around and saw bloggers with 25, 40, 60, 200, 800 followers and wondered how did that happen? I realized the only way that made sense to me was to find blogs to follow, comment (faithfully), and hope the favor was returned. And now, here I am. Over 70 followers. Yay. Thank you. :)

Of all the social media I've tried, this is really the only one that speaks to me. I don't like Facebook. I tolerate Twitter. I dislike forums, a lot. I've figured out what makes blogging different. It's personal. Those other avenues are just about pimping  yourself and your products. I mean, who's really looking? Other sellers? They just want to sell their stuff too. We're all out there doing this mad self promoting, and who's listening? Granted, I'm well aware this works for some, it's just not my thing. It certainly wasn't making me tons of sales either. But, when I blog I give something of myself, I share my life. I read about others and their personal journeys and find them moving and inspiring. I've found more support from fellow bloggers that is unmatched anywhere else, not even family or friends have shown me the kind of encouragement I find in Blogland. Case in point: only 4 or 5 days ago I posted about my giveaway and I had over 30 entries in that hat I chose from. Even better? My last two sales came from fellow bloggers. Now, how wonderful is that? That's a lot of people returning the favor. :)

So, now, without further ado the winner picked from this hat as Jordan looked on is... Grace from Hello Again Vintage!!!! Grace, if you could please visit my Simply Smitten shop and send me your address, what name you'd like on the board, and what flavor chapstick you'd prefer ( I made a new one today, not yet listed 'Grapefruit Splash'. It's even tinted! ;) I'll get your gift sent out as soon as it's finished!

Once again, I thank you all for taking the time to read and comment, I am truly grateful. I hope that you all have a wonderful evening ~ happy blogging. :)

Peace ~ Melinda