Who Needs a Silly Map Anyway?

Well, today I was hoping to show you my new Grapefruit Splash Tinted Organic Lip Balm... I was hoping to have my next Etsy feature done... I was hoping to have my newest doll ensemble listed.... but well, I don't actually have any of those things to share with you! ;) The day was busy, though, and I'm pleased to say the goat shed is now clean, as is the chicken coop. My car is vacuumed and all the dog nose prints washed off of the windows. I took a lovely walk with the girls and my mom. Took an unexpected, but fun trip to Michaels. So, instead of lip balm photos, I'll share some pics of a different kind.

But, before I forget, if  you've got a second I was so pleased to be the guest blogger on Everyday Inspired today. It's about a couple of easy, free ways to live green. I'd love it if you checked it out. :)

Thursday was a lovely day here in Ct. Several days ago we had decided that we would take a hike provided the sun did actually come out. It was an iffy start, but by lunchtime the sun was shining and temps were rising. There's a wonderful state park up the road, I've been going there since I was a kid, that's where I take the girls swimming on those hot summer days.

We took the red trail, Hemlock Trail, I believe it was called. Jordan and Riley take the lead.

Like I said, we had planned on the Hemlock Trail, a simple 2 mile hike. However, we ended up with probably a 4 or 5 mile adventure. Scott spent the entire hike trying to make sense of a map that we later learned was inaccurate. That's the blasted map in his hand right there! ;) I kind of tuned him out after awhile, but shhhh, don't tell him that. Who needs a map when you're having an adventure anyway? ;)

 We ended up on the Covered Bridge Trail, somehow. I was so glad we did, there was this fabulous little stream we explored a bit. Beautiful. Would be the perfect place to meditate.

Covered bridge.

Scott, Willie and I rested in the sun while the girls went off exploring this little pond. They spotted a cute little frog. I spotted almost a dozen ticks on Willie and I when we stood up. The frog was way cuter.

No pictures of the ticks to compare, you'll just have to take my word for it!

When we finally arrived at the beach we found that someone(s) had gone through all of the trouble of dragging a picnic table down into the water...? The girls saw it as a great opportunity to get their feet wet in the icy cold water. Not me, thanks.

 Scott and I hung out on the beach, with our socks and shoes on. This is a special moment captured on film. We can rarely get Scott to smile on camera, Jordan was shocked when she saw the halfway grin. :) Then there's me, never afraid to show all my "pearly" whites! :)

Willie hung out with us. I wasn't sure how he'd do on the hike, he has a little trouble with one of his front legs. I need to figure out what foods to feed him to start healing that. (Lol ~ let's just chalk that up to one more thing I didn't get to today!) He did great though, had a blast and managed to keep up, for the most part!

And so that was our wonderful, spring afternoon. Our first hike of the year. The girls first "dip" in the water, and toes in the sand. Hopefully many more to come.

 I guess that'll do it for today. I have many, many of your lovely blogs to catch up on. So, I'm off ~ have a fabulous evening!

Peace ~ Melinda