Mooovin' In!!!!

I can't belive it! I'm breaking down and starting a BLOG. You know, like everyone else is doing??? Ha I've thought about it alot but wasn't sure I have enough creative energy to keep it going. But with a baby on the way, there should never be a lack of things to post about, right? Ahem. That remains to be seen!

First off, this is a great way for me to share about my life as a farmer's wife! That's him in the picture and he is so very busy in the fields that I'm praying this baby will wait to come for another 2 weeks. I know, sounds crazy!!! But I feel amazing and would love to know that most of his fieldwork is done. But I'm letting it in God's hands; He has the day in mind and His timing is always perfect. [At least, I'm trying to belive that!]

Looking forward to sharing all about the nursery progress and hopefully some baby pics before long!!