Baby Dedication & A Giveaway!

Hadassah's Dedication

Sunday was a special day for our family! In the presence of God, family members and the church, Hadassah was dedicated to the Lord. 

Pastor Daryl was kind enough to pose with us for a picture! [even though we arrived 10 minutes after the time we had agreed upon. and no, it wasn't the baby's fault! it was more like mine. the clothes just weren't working! you ever have that problem?!] 

My parents drove down from PA to celebrate this special occasion with us.  

And Eddie's parents drove a whopping 12 minutes to join us too!! I love having his family so close by.  I also love pictures that are taken from my "good side". [Eddie said that it's his good side too! ha] 

But seriously, we owe so much to them both. We were taught about God, prayed for and loved. This in itself is a greater gift than most children ever receive! Now it is our turn. What a privilege! And what a responsibility. 

"Do you recognize your child as a precious gift from God and present her before the Lord in solemn dedication? Do you acknowledge your duty to see that your child be taught the meaning and purpose of the Christian life, and do you promise, with God's help and guidance, to encourage her to accept Christ as Saviour and Lord, and to make a commitment to Christian service?"

Yes! I felt very much like we were saying our marriage vows, but these had a whole different weight to them. Knowing that the responsibility of her training lies solely on our shoulders is sobering, but it's also a wonderful privilege. God, give us wisdom to mold Hadassah so that she will be everything You created her to be! Our prayer is that she will go far beyond us spiritually and that the love we pour into her will be poured into the lives of the people she touches. 

Here she is...our baby, who insists on sitting up like a big girl! Could she be more precious?! Yes, I'm her mommy! And I may be just a little bit prejudiced. But don't you agree??

Giveaway Winner!!

Now for the giveaway! Cue the drum roll...

Lou is the winner!!! 

A big thank you to each of you who entered; I wish I could give a canvas to all of you! But if you still would like to place an order, just let me know. I can customize it to fit your style! Visit my facebook page, Diamond Designs, to see more of the products I've created! Now I'm off to work on some projects for the brunch I'm hosting on Saturday!