Our kitchen

Would you like to know how Joe and Kevin and Nick are getting on in our kitchen?

Until the end of December our kitchen looked like this (ignore the strange woman in the pinny and focus on the units etc):


Now it looks like this.  

It is quite dangerous.  Like most houses in Hastings, it's built on a hillside: so though the ground is underneath the front of the house, underneath the kitchen at the back of the house is a four-foot gap, like a partial basement.  Kevin managed to fall through, which his brother (Joe) found extremely funny. 

I’ll keep you posted.


365 Day 28 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here)

What to do with things like this?  It came with an item of flat-pack furniture – probably a wardrobe or bookshelf.  It’s a kit for securing a tall unit against the wall, in case your toddler decides to attempt scaling it while your back is turned.  We move our furniture rather frequently and have tended to rely on educating the toddler in the inadvisability of climbing tall thin articles of furniture.  Hence the anchoring kits become surplus to requirements while still extending the allure and promise of indispensable usefulness.  We had more than one of these lurking in drawers.  I added this particular one into a man-drawer kit that we put together and Freecycled.  People snap up such kits in an instant but I’m not quite sure why.