Peace and light

 Every now and then I have this URGENT need for peace and tranquillity.  Today, for example.  So I have temporarily signed out of life and am reading a book.

Yesterday Susanna came to see me and we spent a couple of happy hours talking at the fireside.   As well as the honey, she brought me a gift of a most beautiful wall-hanging candelabra.  

On the one-in-two-out principle, two pictures went.  This is what it looks like lit at night :0)  Thank you, Susanna!

365 Day 27 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here)

 This is a doll’s house size tool kit, final remnant of paraphernalia associated with the creation of Taking the Tide of Love.  I’m not sure who to give it to.  Do you want it?