Squid Juice

 This is my third attempt at writing and entitling a blog post.  The first was mournful and self-pitying, the second peevish and defensive, laying blame on others for problems originating squarely with me.

In our house we have a phrase, “squid-juicing”.  Squids, as you no doubt know, emit clouds of inky stuff when they feel threatened (at least, I think they do; I don’t think I made that up . . .).   Some people pull a very similar trick.   When they feel guilty or low or out of their depth – even, sometimes, just bored – they start emitting evil negative stuff – sarky remarks, grumbling, complaining, criticising: none of it justified, just squid-juicing.  I do that.  Today I’m on that trip.  Again.  Hush, Ember.  Read a book or something.  Spare human society your company.  Tiptoe away.


365 Day 10 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here)

Florist’s scissors.  Casualties of the flower rota débacle.  More related items to follow over the next few days.