We have a kitchen

So, finally, our kitchen is finished!
It looks like this.

We got the adequate space we wanted for the washing machine in the end.

Our things fit right in and look pretty on the shelf.

We have a new cooker - a small, inexpensive sort that works properly.

There's somewhere to sit and eat lunch.


When we moved in, it looked like this:

 I feel very pleased that we don't need all that storage - though we do have a secret weapon.  Just through the doorway from our kitchen is the understairs cupboard, footprint about 3'x3', which we use as a pantry.  It looks like this:

My apologies if you feel five photographs of the inside of a pantry seems a little obsessive.  One of my keenest interests is in small space / simple living, and I feel carried away with joy when I behold the successfulness of my pantry, which has got everything in it BUT all visible and accessible and easy to clean.  I clasp my hands and gaze at it like a hamster.


365 366 Day 66 Tuesday March 6th     
(if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here) 

I resemble a nurse from the Crimean War in this hat.  Not a success, that one.