Studio and sewing

A few days ago on Facebook, Anna asked to see some photos of the new sewing corner Alice and Hebe have included in the studio.

As you can see through the window, the woodstore has no more logs in view on that side - we've burned most of our winter stash now.

Hebe made that toasting fork hanging up.  It's really handy because it has those delicate tines.  

At the moment the sewing corner still looks very tidy! I wonder how long that will last?

In case you’re wondering what the things on the window sill are, one is a statue of St Francis that came to us when my Mama moved to an apartment with no garden.

The other is a small figure of Venus made by Alice as part of a series of figures inspired by netsuke.

The rest of the studio is not so tidy but very interesting.

This is Hebe’s banker for standing the stones on for letter-cutting.  The Badger made it for her.

This is a monstrance base she’s been making for a Catholic priest.

And her preliminary drawing.

I like the studio.  It’s full of interesting things Hebe and Alice have made.

There’s a fab new glass panel, but I must ask Alice’s permission to show you I think, as it’s a commission.

Oh - and the kitchen is coming on!


365 366 Day 65 Monday March 5th     
(if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here) 

The Wretched Wretch is growing up!  He drinks from a proper cup now, and has no truck with such as these!