Oh my goodness look at this - intriguing and delightful!

So interesting.  I’d like to try keeping fruit and vegetables as she suggests.
(I get buffering problems if I link from here but if I go straight to YouTube it's OK)

Also, friends, I though this and this well worth reading – and the whole site is really helpful and interesting.

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Hahaha!!  I have done it I have done it!!!!  Er . . . not "got rid of the fridge", nervous Badger up in Oxford - just made a sand thingy for the carrots and a combining box for apples and potatoes (we have only one apple at the mo).

And the things on the windowsill are things that don't like fridges.  I read that the enzyme that makes tomatoes tasty is killed off in a fridge.  

Sometimes, with a little shudder of compassion, my heart whispers, "You know, your children didn't ask to be born to someone as mad as you."

"THEY DID!" I reply stoutly.


365 366 Day 122 – Tuesday May 1st  
 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here) 

 Oh dear.  How embarrassing.  I never even opened it.