The Garret

Do you enjoy having a nosey round other people's places?  I know I love it when an online friend posts photos of her garden or cottage or verandah.  

So I thought you might like to have a look at the Garret, which is the top floor of the house where the Badger and I live and where I spend most of my time.   

This is the main bit of the room where we live and sleep:

I have the middle drawer of the chest of drawers for underwear and socks, the bottom drawer is for spinning things, the top left for odds and ends and the top right for hankies and toiletries.

A close-up of the funny old wabi-sabi shelves (I made them from some bits of an old fence) on the chest of drawers.  Handy hooks for mugs on the side.   (Our Lady of the Pot Hooks, pray for us . . .).

Next to the bookshelves I keep my cast-iron tea-kettle and chafing-fuel heater, for making cups of tea or cooking up porridge or anything else I might want to eat (the black lumpy thing under the little table/stool on the bottom shelf is a Japanese cast-iron cookpot).  

We have these beams up here on the roof that are jolly handy for airing washing on. The red chest of drawers is where the Badger keeps his clothes.  Just to the left of the doorway is the cupboard (you can just see its hinges) where I keep most of my clothes.  

Next to the clothes cupboard is a handy little nook for my ensuite bathroom (the white blanket hanging up is in front of the Badger's hanging rail of clothes).  

But when the Badger is home and likes to be able actually to access his clothes, my bathroom tucks away in the nightstand by my side of the bed. 

Next to the nightstand is my music collection (did you notice my little Bose on the chest of drawers?), and hanging from the bedrail are my candle-lanterns for easy access.  And under the bed within easy reach the translations of the Tao from which I read a chapter to the Badger every now and then just because we enjoy thinking about it. 

Sitting on that bed is me - it's where I work. 

To my right, next to me on the bed is the stuff I'm working on today - the file for St John's PCC, and my account book, plus some notes to be typed up, and a lovely letter (I'll write a reply later today) from someone who's been reading my Hawk & Dove books. 

To my left is my office - noticeboard, flashdrives with all my files on, a little booklight so I can read/work at night without disturbing the badger too much. 

Nifty, I think!  

Heading on out of the main room into the Badger's study next door:  

If you stand with your back to his desk, you can see the stairs down to the rest of the house.  On the half-landing at the turn, we have our "archive" where we keep all the household accounts, liturgy resources etc.   

Two little details: behind the beam running along the main room I fixed those stretchers they hang net curtains on, for airing washing . . .

 . . . and on the beam above the bed are hooks to hang the candle lanterns, also handy for hanging my earrings if I forget to take them off before I go to bed.   

So that's pretty much my world - and now I must go because the Wretched Wretch and his mummy have come to play! See you later! x


365 366 Day 123 – Wednesday May 2nd 

This is on-going, because there are two or three magazines I subscribe to.  If I reach an aaaagh state of overwhelm I might just put them out with the recycling when I’ve read them, but that hardly ever happens.  I look for an individual who would be pleased to have them or add them to the pile in the hospital waiting room.
I think I gave these particular issues to a complementary therapist setting up his own practice rooms – he’d come round for some acrylic leaflet display stands I was Freecycling.