Accumulation and dispersal.


I do wonder sometimes if there will ever be an end to the accumulated junk.

I made a couple of purchases recently – a meditation cushion in an effort (haha) to improve my prayer life (God raises a cynical eyebrow) and a large mug (yes, that one up there) for imbibing quantities of herb tea that are going to do me so much good you won’t recognise me.  So some things had to go. 

I’d also got a beautiful new top for the “summer”, and in exchange parted with a pair of earrings I thought rather tacky and a pack of cards for playing Charades that had been in my drawer through three Christmases and are obviously never in fact going to be used.   And I bought another pair of Vivo Barefoots at half-price, parting in exchange with some trainers that hurt my toenails and a pair of shoes that is lovely but in holes.

I wondered what I might part with in exchange for the cushion and the mug because I felt that the depths of the junk slurry had surely been plumbed by this time, but no.  On investigation in my General Stuff drawer I picked out these.

I have been cherishing them carefully because they are Obviously Useful.  The green thing is an end of clothes line that I thought might come in handy as an extra thing to air washing on (it hasn’t).  The tin of mints I bought because I thought the tin looked so groovy.  The plastic fork was picked up along with some food while I was travelling.  I must have eaten it (the food not the fork) with my fingers in my usual primitive and uncivilised manner.  And the wires – I mean, what the heck are they?  The ones with yellow bits on must have come with my Bose because there’s a Bose leaflet still in the bag with them.  I have a vague idea . . . no . . . I haven’t: I don’t know what the other ones are at all.  Or what they came with or what function they serve.  So obviously whatever they are, I’m using the thing they came with quite happily without that cunning extra function.  I have checked that I still have the recharging thing for my whizzy toothbrush and the one for my Kindle, because it would be jolly annoying to throw those out in a fit of enthusiasm.  Nope.  I have no idea what these are. 

A while ago Maria suggested I might have a Quarantine Drawer for things I might regret chucking out, so I did this.  I put a big plastic box in the attic for quarantining things, and these can go in it Just In Case.  If no Vital Function comes to light, out they go. 

Lest you are feeling anxious about the attic – fret not.  This is not some far-off zone where things can moulder forgotten and undetected to ruin the lives of future generations.  Bear in mind, the Badger and I do actually live in the attic.  So our “attic” is the Garret’s cupboard space in the eaves.  You can see the door in the pics I posted last time – it’s that square brown bit next to the bookshelves – the one we keep meaning to get round to painting.

However, surely, by now I must be getting to the end of pointless paraphernalia.  Or perhaps today’s vital unmissable bargain is tomorrow’s useless junk?  We’ll see how I get on with that meditation cushion . . .


365 366 Day 124 – Thursday May 3rd 
 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here)   

I can hardly believe I ever actually had this.

365 366 Day 125 – Friday May 4th

This was a nice bag bought for a special occasion.  A really nice bag, but essentially for a different kind of woman.