Cupcake Craze

There are cupcakes.
And then, there are cupcakes...
 ...the kind that burst with flavor and creamy goodness! 
The kind that The Cupcake Company makes. 

My friend, who is crazy about them, 
introduced me to this home-based business in McGaheysville. 
Similar to the old-fashioned ice cream trucks, 
they frequently park a "cupcake truck" at various places, 
where I made my first purchase.
I am officially addicted!
On the left is banana cream and the right is berry lemonade.

Nutty buddy and orange dreamsicle are pictured above.
Sometimes looks are deceiving [ie: McDonald's commercials]
but these, my friends, taste better than they look!!!
Hey, if you don't believe me...
try them yourself!

Chocolate with peanut butter icing??
Help me!!!
It's good I ate half before sharing it with my husband,
or I wouldn't have gotten a chance to even try it!

Here's a picture my friend sent me:
an order she placed for a dozen of 4 different flavors. 
I want one of each, please!!
If you go here to their website, you can find a phone number to place your order.
Or stop by Home Depot next Saturday and visit the Cupcake Truck.
I promise you, 
you won't be disappointed!!

Enjoy a moment of sweetness this weekend, my friends!