Some Catch-Up...

Hello friends ~

It seems like forever since I’ve been by to visit, but lately life seems to have had other plans for me. Pretty typical. ;) Business has picked up in Backyard Dreams, delightfully steady but not overwhelming. Since most of my products are made to order, it’s been keeping me busy. New ideas keep on coming, next up is an organic perfume...

Recently I decided to eliminate the decorated clipboards section from my shop in an effort to focus more on my organic skin care products, and so had a clearance sale. Ironically this led to two requests for custom clipboard orders and I've been up to my ears in clipboards for the past week. As most of you know custom orders really aren't my ‘thing’, but I was blessed with two totally awesome clients and it gave me time to really think about what direction I wanted to head in and carefully consider my decision.  

OSV always has baby sheep this time of year

The girls and I have been on a school hiatus of sorts. Every so often we all need a break from the textbooks and the  workbooks and memorization. When I’ve had my fill I know that usually everyone else has too. So, we’ve been doing some learning through living. I’ve got a Netflix queue chock-full of documentaries that I never have the time to watch, so each morning we pick one and that’s our school for the day. Jackals, human sacrifice, Venice, hyenas (totally creepy critters!), Roswell, Holocaust survivors… tons of great, great info. We’ve also been taking field trips, with many more planned. A visit to Old Sturbridge Villageis always a great time. I’ve been visiting the Village since I was a little girl and it never gets old. My mother used to want to live there and at the time my teenage mind recoiled in horror at the thought. Now though, I totally get it. The pace, the quiet is intoxicating.

Super informative costumed employees are found throughout the village. I'm often mesmerized watching them at work and listening to them describe life as it was in the 1800s. I always learn something new!
I'd love fences like this around my property!

How about this awesome photo of Taylor's? 
We also trekked over to the University of Rhode Island recently to listen to Robert Ballard speak. He was the lucky dude that finally discovered the wreck of the Titanic. It was super interesting and I’m happy we went, despite our subsequent late bedtime. ;) I’ve been mesmerized by the Titanic for many years, and it seems that I’ve passed that rabid fascination on to Taylor. We drank up his every word. Next up? A day trip to Boston. Our goal? To wander the city and soak it all in. Taylor and Jordan will be armed with their cameras, so I'm sure to have pictures to share. ;) 

Look at this very cool photo Jordan created 
Taylorhas made it her goal to finish up her schoolwork and ‘graduate’ by her 16thbirthday in August. Totally doable (except for perhaps the Spanish) and she has spurred on Riley and Jordan to finish up early too (strangely, this is doable also)! I must admit I feel like I’ve been homeschooling forever, and the thought of eventually finishing stirs up a host of feelings in me. I’m sure all that free time is something I could easily get used to, especially if business continues to increase, but I will miss it terribly. For awhile anyway. ;)

You can find this here ~ Rainbow Veins
Recently Jordanhas decided to reopen her Etsy shop, My Rainbow Veins. I am not at all surprised and actually I figured it would happen once she saw me dive back into mine, creativity seems to be contagious around here. She creates awesome newspaper silhouette wall art. Her attention to detail is wonderful and each canvas really is a fabulous creation. She’s currently hosting her first giveaway and for some reason isn't getting the number of entries that she was hoping for. So please, if you've got a minute could you head on over and show her some love. After all… it’s free. And awesome. Enter her giveaway here

Tayloris also hosting a giveaway, this one is a bit more interest specific. If you’re a writer or know of someone who is looking to publish a book, head on over for her giveaway of one copy of The Essential Guide to Getting Your Book Published by Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry. You can find Tay's giveaway here. Both giveaways are open until the end of May. Good luck!!

I continue to fall more in love with our ferrets everyday ~ such great, fun pets.
Well, I've got a rainy day on tap for tomorrow... and Wednesday... and Thursday... I'm going to spend some time checking up on you all and see what I've missed out on, tons I'm sure! 

Have a fabulous day! 

Peace & Blessings ~ Melinda