Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This year I decided to do something a little bit different for Mother's Day. Two years ago we visited Boston and walked the Freedom Trail. It was an awesome trip, but a very long day of walking and exploring which didn't leave much time leftover for 'sightseeing'. Since that trip Taylor has been begging me to go back, this time just for the photo opts!  So, Mother's Day, 2012 found us wandering the streets of Boston. No destination, simply where our feet took us.

I am a country girl at heart. It is no wonder that our feet first took us to the gardens. What better time to visit Boston than a warm, spring May day with flowers in bloom and trees brightly greening. 

As the city hustled and bustled around us we were quite content to wander the gardens and admire the birds and beasts around us. In fact I think I had to finally tear the girls away, lest they choose to stay in the park all day. I admit it would have made for a lovely afternoon.

Isn't it funny that despite spending the day in the city I was still inspired to migrate towards the tons of peaceful, nature inclined photos either Jordan or Taylor snapped. So lovely, those weeping willows. Can't you imagine an afternoon spent reading and napping, sheltered from the world, nestled in its leaves... 

Tay and Jord hanging out by the giant head. At this point we saw a bus unloading with teenagers, all dressed up in formal pants, suspenders and ties. Jordan was convinced they were a High School Glee Club about to perform and spent some time moping at the missed opportunity. I'm pretty sure she was imaging a Puck/Finn scene in her mind ~ Glee in real life. ;)

This is the Old State House, site of the Boston Massacre. Built in 1713 it is the oldest surviving building in Boston and chock full of history. The Declaration of Independence was read from one of the balconies and when I imagine the political discussions that took place inside... I get shivers. If only walls could talk... As I strolled by and slid my hand along the brick wall I mused aloud to Taylor at the wonder of it ~ Sam Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington ~ any one of them could have touched this very same spot as they carved a place in history. How can history be boring when it's so chock full of wonder and adventure?

My Dad and Riley Mae being their silly, usual selves. :)

Ahh, the Holocaust Memorial. I don't know how long I got lost here. Reading survivors accounts, contemplating facts and absorbing the energy of this exhibit had me transfixed. And this isn't my first visit, I've been here before and have no doubt I'll return again. As before, I didn't leave until I had read every last word. 

My mind struggles to allow these numbers to represent human beings. So many numbers, reaching towards the sky, reminding us to remember, remember, remember.

It was a lovely and different way to spend the day. I know that living in the city is a perfect fit for some, but I'll confess that I'm not one of them. After about 4 hours of the noise, hustle, bustle, smells and general level of frantic movement I was ready to return to my quiet and peaceful life. To my slow, steady and mindful pace. I thought that perhaps one of my girls would feel the attraction and lure of city life and all it has to offer, but not a one of them was sad to leave. We breathed a collective sigh of relief as we made our way back toward the country with its trees, open sky, birdsong, and fresh air. Adventures are great fun, but so is returning home again. 

Peace & Blessings ~ Melinda