William Penn

 Another thought from William Penn’s Fruits of Solitude:

Have but little to do, and do it thy self: And do to others as thou wouldest have them do to thee: so thou canst not fail of Temporal Felicity.

I love William Penn, I really do.

Here’s a further observation from Fruits of Solitude:

Avoid Company where it is not profitable or necessary; and in those Occasions speak little, and last.

Oh, friends, both these thoughts are such wisdom, such excellent counsel!  It is as though he reached a quiet hand through time flown by and touched lightly on our lives, left a smile.

How may I engrave these words on my heart?


365 366 Day 138 – Thursday May 17th 
 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here) 

A headband.  I think I must have had it for some time when I was growing out a fringe.  Or as an alternative hatband.  Whatever.  I never wore it.