Yesterday late evening, as the sun was going down, this shard of light appeared on my bedroom wall.

One of life’s random remarks.  A word from the Mystery, saying nothing the human intellect might categorise or understand, but eminently comprehensible to the soul.

So beautiful.


365 366 Day 206 – Tuesday July 24th

A large, warm, fluffy scarf made in some kind of synthetic fabric from a hippy website.  Kind if usefulish but not very.

365 366 Day 205 – Monday July 23rd

Trousers.  I have this ongoing unrealistic hopefulness about trousers.  It all goes well until I get into some place with a 360omirror and am treated top the rear view.  You see, I have short sturdy legs and ample child-bearing hips.

365 366 Day 204 – Sunday July 22nd  

Interesting book about the concept of wabi-sabi, but I think Leonard Koren’s Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets and Philosophers has the edge on it, so I kept that instead.  I also think non-Japanese wabi-sabi enthusiasts tend to overlook the distinction between wabi-sabi and shibui; and in reality shibui is what most of us want, rather than the rotting hovel, semi-bald brush and bucket with holes you might get lumbered with in pursuit of wabi-sabi. 

365 366 Day 203 – Saturday July 21st

Jeggings.  Ahahaha.  I lost some weight last year and got a bit over-ambitious.  Oh dear.

365 366 Day 202 – Friday July 20th

I thought I would like this but it turned out to be thin and clingy.  Er . . . no thanks.

365 366 Day 201 – Thursday July 19th

More spare glasses from the days when I used to panic about that.