Tablescaping ~ a summer look

a sophisticated term for fixin' up yer table!!
{please pardon the hick accent; it's been a long day.}

So I've had a sad-looking table for quite some time, 
but just couldn't figure out what to do about it. 
Call it a creative block: something I get fairly frequently.
But I'm learning that if I wait long enough, inspiration will come!
Thank goodness, it did.

I love my wooden tea light holders, made by my in-laws. Aren't they darling?
I found the galvanized pitcher at Michael's {and bought it with my 40% off coupon!}
It's rustic and quaint, but so cheerful when it's filled with fresh blooms.

I certainly don't have a degree in home decor,
but I've heard that decorations need to be done in odd numbers, 
and agree that it is visually more appealing.
Finding the third part of the grouping was a bit challenging.
But that's when it's fun, right?!
A vintage white candy jar was calling my name, 
and some leftover moss made itself at home there. 
Ahh, I am complete once more.
Maybe I need to invite some guests, yes?