A room of my own

Well I thought I’d come over here and play for a bit because my head’s frazzled with working.  Words words words more words and religion and more words aaaaagh stop. 

So I decided to take a break and show you round my tiny room like I promised.

This is the way in – to the left of the door is a wonderful painting by Hebe – okay you can hardly see it.  I’ll get a better pic to show you.  Here you are:

Inside my room feels big but is really small.  It’s nine feet along its long wall and six feet eight inches along its short wall.  If I stand at the edge squeezing myself into each of the four corners I can show you around.

So if you just come in the doorway, on the opposite wall under the window is my bed.  There are only four pieces of furniture in this room (the bed, the chair, the shelves and a tiny table/stool), and the Badger made two of them and gave me one (the tiny stool) as a gift.  He made the frame for this bed.  

I sleep on it (when he’s away during the week), work on it, sit and read and dream on it.  It goes from wall to wall, so if someone comes in to chat there’s room for a second person to take two of the pillows and sit at the other end.
At the moment the bed is covered with book proofs because that’s what I’m working on.

If you stand at the foot of the bed in the window corner and look back towards the door, this is what you see.  

If you stand at the corner by the head of the bed, this is the view.

The Badger made me this big set of shelves to store all my things.  This is what it looks like without the curtain on the front.

It takes up all the wall with the door in it.  

It has my general life bag hanging to the left of it and my laundry bag hanging to the right.  I also use the laundry bag for my wooding bag sometimes.

There’s a fixed shelf handy for a candle, with a picture our Alice did of a peaceful person thinking.

The Badger took out the electric light for me (though there is still one socket to charge my computer and cellphone).  I put a blessing over the plate where the electric light switch used to be.

Alice did the calligraphy for the blessing.

On the ceiling is just the place where the electric flex was, in case someone needs to put it back some day.

Here’s the Badger who came in for a chat.  

The chair is an old one that gets handed round the family.  Alice had it for a while.  She crocheted the seat cover.  The cushion used to be Hebe’s.  It’s made of patchwork from old saris.

Here's St Francis up on the windowsill.  The window looks out onto our neighbour's cherry tree.

A better view of St F.

The Badger took a photo of me 'cause I took one of him.  This is where I always sit, on my bed by the window.

And you saw the graffiti pic from my wall, that Hebe and I did, before:

 So that's about it, really.  I love my room.  It is a place of happiness and peace, where I can concentrate and feel intact, and get my scattered head back together.  A hermit crab shell.


365 366 Day 238 – Saturday August 25th  

You know I’m not totally sure what these keys were for.  So there was no point in keeping them, was there?