Grey is okay applied judiciously

Everyone’s reading 50 Shades of Grey it seems (and no, sorry, I didn’t give you a live link to Amazon there); but not me.

I like sex.  In private, with my husband.  I am happy for you if you like sex too – in private, in the context of your own permanent, stable and faithful intimate relationships.


I don’t want to see explicit sex on TV, or read about it in novels, and any comedian waxing lyrical upon the subject of orgasms, masturbation or coming home drunk and full of hope that his wife will be keen to avail him of his conjugal rights, simply short-circuits the evening because I leave the room or turn the telly off.

Just saying.

Why?  Because my youngest daughter put me onto this wonderful YouTube video by Ellen DeGeneres.  This friend speaks my mind!  “Don’t eat the pancakes.” Quite so.


365 366 Day 235 - 237
Wednesday August 22nd - Friday August 24th  

Three breakfast bar stools, rendered unnecessary when we ripped out the breakfast bar (moment of silence for internal resounding cheer).

365 366 Day 234 – Tuesday August 21st   

Sometimes giving things away is absolutely fab.  I Freecycled this fishing chair, and received the following email from the lady who collected it:
"Thank you very much for the fishing chair you have made our young son very happy as he has just started to go fishing with his Dad and he now has his own chair to sit on He’s actually having his lunch on it now. Nicky".
Well, ain't that just the best?

365 366 Day 233 – Monday August 20th 

This is known as a companion set.  Some companion, eh?

365 366 Day 232 – Sunday August 19th 

Oh, Lordy.  Lost count of how many of these I've given away.

365 366 Day 231 – Saturday August 18th 

In this book I wrote down everything I know about how to make life work well.  I'm solvent, I'm happy, I do the work I love, my family love me and I love them, I find life entirely fulfilling and a constant source of wonder.  Some people think I'm just lucky.  Or you could read this book.  I had some review copies and I bought some too.  I gave them away.  I hope they made a difference.

365 366 Day 230 – Friday August 17th 

A belt.  I don't like it.  That's why I gave it away.  Plus, my waist relates better to elastic.