Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!

Apologies for odd title – this is really just a small excited shriek to my friend Rapunzel because I promised her I’d let her see the results when I’d had a go at making a pinny thing of my own (and you can all have a look too).

Well it didn’t all go quite as I hoped – I mean I didn’t have a pattern or anything, I just started off with a bit of cloth and hoped for the best, so I had to kind of stitch some folds in it and stuff to make it fit.  But it did work out, sort of – so anyway this is what I made.

It has five pockets – one at the top for my glasses or shopping list or whatever, two patch pockets in the normal place for pockets, then hidden within/behind the patch pockets, two smaller ones for bus tickets or church collection money or other things that mustn’t be lost.

I made a little pleat at the centre front, but though I thought it seemed like a good idea at the time I think maybe it looks a bit odd now . . . oh well, never mind . . .