Day 8 . Intentional Mornings: Part 2

Some of my readers are friends and family. Some of them are here for inspiration (which I hope they find). Others might be looking for some break-through, rock-your-world idea.

But I don't have those.

Choosing to live more intentionally isn't about figuring out some crazy formula or new idea.

It's about deciding to do what you know you should do. Exercising isn't a revolutionary idea. Doing it is.

All the changes I'm making this month you probably already know, have heard of, do, or did in the past. I don't really have new ideas. I just have new habits.

This is my place for accountability, first and foremost. Accountability to do what I know I'm supposed to.

So on to my not-so-revolutionary idea for intentional living today.

Setting yourself up for successful mornings

The change to waking up earlier is becoming easier everyday. I'm enjoying the time I have to be quiet and pray, whether it be for 15 minutes or an hour.. but I've noticed something that hadn't become easier.

When the kids wake up.

It was still crazy.
I thought getting up before them and having time to wake up, meditate, etc. would rid of the stressful-breakfast-new-diaper-energetic-yelling-madness that is our mornings. But in reality, it was the same. Even crazier on the days I'm scheduled to be at the gym at 8 AM. The only differences was that I was wearing clean sweatpants and already had coffee.

As soon as breakfast is done, I have both babes rallied to get dressed.
But when I get up to grab a diaper and one runs (or crawls) off. I grab socks and the other one disappears. It takes me 20+ minutes to make sure they have a diaper, socks, pants, a shirt, a coat, decent looking hair, and footwear. Then it takes another 15 minutes to throw some clean diapers and wipes, back up outfits, headphones, after-work-out clothes, and snacks into a diaper bag before we are finally out the door.

There has to be an easier way.

Ways to Intentional Ensure a Successful Morning Routine

1. Pack all bags the night before

I remember reading one time (I believe it was on the fly lady?) about having your "command center" set up each night for the next day.

After our first morning of being out the door by 7:45, I knew I needed to implement this. So from now on, if we are going out in the morning: I spend 7 minutes before bed packing diapers, snacks, toiletries/clean clothes, wipes, and anything else I need into my "diaper bag" and set it by the door. 

It literally takes me seven minutes to do at night versus 15 in the morning, because 
A) I have no babies all over me half naked, and 
B) I'm not also trying to put my shoes on/find my keys/make sure I don't look like I threw whatever clean shirts I could find on my family with no regard to matching - simultaneously 

2. Laying out outfits for everyone

Including me! Even though I am usually up before my kids now and have time to 'ponder what to wear', it just makes it easier. Less time thinking about an outfit = more time thinking about nothing and just enjoying the peace.

I lay all our outfits out on a table in our living room (I also put a diaper by the kids clothes). After breakfast I can dress a baby completely in 3 minutes (with no having to chase them down for each time they escape when I need to reach for something).

3. Setting out morning necessities 

Again, this is something that takes a minute before bed but maybe saves me 5 minutes in the AM (since I'm more alert/quick at night and not groggy-morning-Beth).

For me this includes:
  • Vitamins (Right now I take cod liver oil, prenatal, vitamin B, and 2 drops of elderberry tincture)
  • Orange juice glass (which I drink to take my vitamins)
  • Bible
  • Devotional book, journal, and pen
  • A glass of water (which I drink at room temperature first thing)

That's it. It typically takes me 10 minutes in the morning to stumble around until I finally gather everything and begin my studying. This way I can literally wake up, have my drinks/vitamins, and sit down.

Somethings that take upwards of 30 minutes in the morning in 10 minutes by doing them the night before. Maybe next I'll even learn how to set my coffee maker to start brewing by itself :)

Ps. Mad props to the working moms who gets everyone up and out the door in the mornings every day! Please share more of your tips with me!

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"I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."

Philippians 4:12

God Bless!