This year I was inspired, by Pinterest (insert husband eye rolling here) to create a Advent calendar. All if the activities listed for ideas sounded really fun and I thought my 2 1/2 year old daughter would really enjoy it. Embracing my new found craftyness, I shopped at Hobby Lobby, gathered my supplies, and 3 weeks later (I never said I was efficient) I am pleased to show it off.
It is made out of scrapbook paper, and each of the numbers is different. Some are glitter glue, stickers, buttons, toothpicks, ribbon and hemp string. I got stuck for inspiration a couple of times, and want to acknowledge my sister and my mother for some ideas. My mom baraided the wreath on number 23 for me. Thanks Mom!
It is fun to think about times in the coming years we will pull this out and I can bore Annabelle with its history.