Odds & Ends

I have tons of little things I've been meaning to mention, enough that I figured they were a post of their own! First, my daughter Taylor, of Dreams of Fae, is having a super giveaway! She's been planning the details out for at least a week now, she's very excited! If you want details, click on the photo above to be taken directly to her blog post explaining all of the details. I'd love to enter, but knowing Tay, she would't think that was 'fair'. I'll have to ask her... ;)

Secondly, my daughter Jordan just turned 13, and as a birthday gift to herself, she got herself set up blogging. I know that reading the ramblings of a 13 year old may not sound appealing (my journals from when I was 13 are horrendous!!), but really, they are a fun read! She has had her own Etsy shop for almost as long as I have, making her a fellow small business owner. :) You can find her at Spring Showers on Etsy. She loves to follow blogs, and I know if you become a reader of hers, she will return the favor. Her last post describe a 'muddy adventure' that she and her 10 year old sister had. Just a day in the life around here... Click on the photo above to be taken directly to her blog 'Rainbow Veins'.

Okay, now we're back to Tay. She's attempting to raise money and help out those struggling in Japan. We never feel that any kindess is too small, and anything she is able to make can help someone in need. Right now, in her Etsy shop, The Forest Faery, she has several listings for friendship bracelets, with 100% of the proceeds heading over to Japan. We're not sure which charity we'll be using yet, we'll keep you posted. These bracelets are simple and fun! She has tons made up, just waiting for someone... maybe you! $6.00 for 3 bracelets (free shipping!), it's an inexpensive way to feel like you're doing something good. Click on the photo to be taken to her blogpost about the details, or her shop link if you'd like to purchase some bracelets.

And now, on to my youngest, Riley Mae. She recently opened up her own Etsy shop, I guess she felt left out! ;) And the exciting news... she just made her first sale!! Well, actually, it would be her second sale, her Grampa bought two sprouts to show his support right away, thanks Dad! :) This, however, is her first sale through The Poisoned Apple! It's so much fun for me because the Paypal info is hooked up to my account, so I get all of the notifications once a payment goes through. I check in to my email often (always checking for 'Etsy Transactions' ;) and I often see before they do that they've made a sale. I usually can't contain my excitement and have to whisper the news to one of my other girls while we wait for anxiously for the other to check their email... such torture, but such fun! Anyway, congrats to Riley.
Well, I think that'll do it for tonight. Phew, feels great to be caught up! :) Wishing you all a lovely evening. Peace ~ Melinda