Day 46

This week has been full of Tangled Snarl, but oh I have a plan.  I’m going to bottle it, all of it, and when that bleep bleep asterisk asterisk individual FINALLY makes it here to fit our kitchen, when he’s not looking I’m going to uncork the whole f-ing bottle of Tangled Snarl and silently insert it in the kitchen right there beside him.  And shut the door.  So, ner!

Meanwhile, whose idea was it to dig up the clothes line at the same time we had no washing machine?  Gah.  The bleep dang fandangled fleeces are dripping dismally from the banisters into the hall because the airer over the bath is already full of washing.

She throws in the towel.




365 366 Day 46 (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see here

Well, I’m impressed by this!  Two shelves of the bookcase, more than 60 books, cleared in one go!  Back in December we had a book launch party for The Hardest Thing To Do.  We go to a big church, and advertised the party there, as well as inviting just about everyone we knew.  We imagined about a hundred and fifty people would come, and everyone would buy a book – except maybe couples would buy just one for their household.  Accordingly we got in enough food for a hundred and fifty people, and bought a lot of books.  And then only thirty-five people came, and we sold only fifteen books!!  That was okay because we had a good time dressed up as medieval people and enjoying our funky medieval music and generally having fun.  Some of our friends and family did a brilliant job convincing folk to take home extra-large doggy-bags of food – so then we were just left with all these books.  I’ve sold a few and given lots away, but even so we had plenty left.  So the Badger has taken them away to sell in Christian bookshops.  May they be blessed and find happy homes!