Where to begin...

I'm beginning this post the way I would imagine many others start their blogs... with skepticism, nerves, hesitation, and a desire to begin something that will grow into a site I'll be quite proud of in the (hopefully) near future.  I used to criticize (only in my head) bloggers.  To me, blogs seemed like places that people fed their inner narcissist and told bored readers about the unimportant details of their lives.  However, I've come to realize that those thoughts were just close-minded assumptions.  I have no problem admitting when I'm wrong.  Over the course of the past several months, I've found myself discovering and revisiting a number of interesting blogs.  I realized that I thoroughly enjoy reading other people's perspectives on a variety of different issues.  I find them to be both motivational and inspirational. 

However, the one thing that has bothered me throughout this time is that a lot of blogs, at least in my experience, are from people who seem to have their "stuff" together.  Now, I don't necessarily mean that every aspect of their lives is perfect (although some seem that way).  It's just that every one of them seem to have at least a little niche ... something that they're good at.  Even the "lifestyle" blogs are written by people who seemingly have it all figured out.  After reading blog entries, I found myself wondering why everyone seems so sure of themselves, while I'm constantly on this journey of self-improvement.  After some serious thinking on my front porch (admittedly after a very recent break-up), I realized I can't be the only almost 25 year old that feels this way.  I also realized that with my birthday just around the corner, I want to stop thinking about the things I want to improve in my life and finally just do them.  I decided that this blog could be a very special way to do that.  It may give me just the kick I need to get it going.  

Trust me, I need it.

Now, please don't get me wrong... this is definitely not a "woe is me" blog.  In fact, I'm very much secure with who I am.  I even, dare I say it... love who I am.  I just don't love where I am, in life, that is.  I'm getting there, though.  I just have a lot of little (ok, BIG) things I need to start fixing.  I exercise... but not enough.  I eat healthy... but cheat way too often.  I can be organized... but have let my room turn into a cluttered mess (See above).  I'm driven... but have somehow let my goal to get to law school get pushed off for far too long.  I'm active, but sometimes I sleep all day.  I'm confident in myself... but have let a series of bad dating experiences get to me more than I should have.  I'm pretty sure you get the picture.  So this is it... my resolution to get my life in more of state that I'd be proud of.  Do I expect anyone to read this blog?  Not at all (especially after they see the number of ellipses I've used in this last paragraph  along with all of the other examples of poor writing). If some do, then wonderful (although it scares me a bit). I don't have all of the answers (or even any for that matter).  I'm not a fitness guru, fashion enthusiast or organization queen.  I'm a girl who, from the outside, has got it all figured out, but, from the inside, is trying to figure it all out.  Overall, this is a blog about a girl in her mid-twenties who wants to simplify and improve her life. 

I think I'm gonna go ahead and get started with that closet I showed you.  It's in desperate need of some TLC.

Let's see how this goes....