Day 16 . Dreaming

To some people, dreaming is childish. It's unrealistic. And it's a waste of time.

But I believe in dreaming. 
I believe dreams give a life purpose, direction, and energy.

"Dreams tell us about what a person values, is passionate about, and what a person centers their life upon."

I used to be "better" about dreaming. By that, I mean I used to keep a list and review it multiple times a week to motivate myself. But for some reason after Will was born, life got busy and I forgot how important it is to take time to dream. 

So I decided it's time to re-evaluate my dreams list. (I have it typed up on my computer). Some things have been on my list for years, others are new and I'm adding them today.

"The thing about dreams is that 
the more you define them, 
the more likely 
you are to achieve them."

Where do you start? Here are some tips for creating and using a dreams list:

1) Write them down. Physically putting them on paper (or typing them up and printing it) makes them more concrete.

2) Have a WHY for each dream. That's what drives you!

3) Review them often. Preferably daily (you can post them on a bulletin board or have a Dream Journal that you read each morning)

When I made my first dreams list my senior year of high school, in 2008, I just wrote down 100 things I could think of. Whether I wanted to accomplish them in a week or in 20 years, I wrote them down.

Then I read about dreaming based on various categories - which I like now that I'm settled with a family as it helps me to focus on being more balanced with life.

There are only "12 categories" and to be honest, some only have 2-3 things. Some have 20. I just have more of a priority to grow in some areas than others.

I'm going to share a few dreams & goals from my list.
What's the difference between a dream & a goal? Honestly in my head - a goal is something I can accomplish within the next year. A dream is anything longer than that. Something I'm not intentionally working towards at this time. Goals I am actively working towards.

[ Physical ]
    I won't say exactly how much I need/plan to lose because I'm embarrassed at how much I've neglected myself the past 4 months. I have specific numbers I'd like to reach by Thanksgiving, by New Years, and 6 months from now.
    WHY: Being healthy/fit isn't something that every person has control over. I am young and want to respect myself and my body by staying active and setting a good example for my friends & family.

[ Intellectual ]
    Continue to increase my knowledge on natural birthing as a natural childbirth instructor. 
    WHY: I believe that God created our body to do AMAZING things - including giving birth - and I feel called to share that understanding and empower other women and men to trust their bodies.

[ Material ]
    Buy a house!
    WHY: So we can have somewhere to establish our family permanently as we continue to grow!

(Yes, I know we won't get something THIS beautiful.. but I 'm dreaming :) right?)

[ Financial ]
     Have a No Spend Month.
     WHY: To continue to challenge ourselves to be weird and live with our means, delaying gratification, and not be mindlessly consuming.

[ Creative ]
     Learn more about sewing. Clothes, home decor, diapers, everything!
     WHY: To save money by making things we would have to otherwise by. I have very basic sewing skills from my grandmother and just recently got my machine up and running!

My 1950's Singer Sewing machine gifted to me from my Father-in-Law.
It was his mothers who I hear was an amazing quilter. I feel so blessed to be able to use it!
[ Adventure ]
      Go on our HONEYMOON! Somewhere warm, all inclusive, and with no babies!
      WHY: We made a sacrifice after our wedding to save the money.. but I think it is important for couples to have that time alone together where they can just cherish each other without any distractions.

Other categories:
[ Spiritual ]
[ Emotional ]
[ Legacy ]
[ Character ]
[ Psychological ]
[ Professional ]

Challenge: Sit down sometime this week and write down 50 dream (or goals). It can be anything you want to buy, do, see, eat - anything!

Then come back and tell me you did it and what your top favorites are, I can't wait to hear them!

Thank you following along on our journey to simplicity. Please be sure to learn about our family & like our page on Facebook :)

"I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want."

Philippians 4:12

God Bless!